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1 of 2 Engineering Exploration (ENGE1024); Fall 2007 Department of Engineering Education, Virginia Tech Problem Set #2 Instructor: Vinod K Lohani Joe is conducting an experiment to study the rate of flow of water from a conical tank. The dimensions of the conical tank are: Radius at the initial water level = 13.7 cm Radius at the reference point = 12.8 cm Initially the tank is full of water. There is a circular orifice at the bottom of the conical tank with a diameter of 0.635 cm. The water drains from the conical tank into an empty cylindrical tank lying on its side with a radius of 0.500 ft and a length L (ft). Figure 1 water tower schematic Joe observed the water discharged with an average velocity of 1.50 m/s as the water level lowered from the initial height of 14.0 cm to 5.00 cm in the conical tank. Answer the following: 1. If the initial height of water in the conical tank is 14.0 cm (measured from the reference point, see Fig. 1), how long in seconds will it take for the water level to drain to
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problem_set_2_s08 - Engineering Exploration (ENGE1024);...

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