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ECE 731 - Spring 2006 Problem Set #4 Due: Friday, May 12, 2006 at the beginning of class 1. Attenuation in single mode fibers. Problem 15 in Pollack (Chapter 7). 2. Mode coupling. Problem 2 in Pollack (Chapter 11). 3. Mode coupling. Problem 7 in Pollack (Chapter 11). 4. Project. Now is the time to get into the details of the course project. Remember that the goal is to learn the current state of the art of a fiber-related topic from your understanding of first principles. The project is meant to be technically oriented. Since this is an engineering course, it is not intended to be merely a historical essay on the subject. In other words, it should contain things like equations, derivations, proofs, graphs, simulations, etc. Your grade will reflect how well you have proven that you technically understand your topic
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Unformatted text preview: from first principles. You may apply any technical skills that you find necessary to make your case (some groups for example are planning to do some mathematical modeling). The project is 35% of the course grade (20% written, 10% oral, 5% attendance at presentations). Groups will collectively produce a research paper (with references) on the order of 10-20 pages (double spaced). Each group will also give a power point oral presentation to the class. The written report is due at the time of your presentation. Presentations will be conducted over the last two lecture periods of the quarter. Please stop by my office anytime if you have any questions....
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