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Unformatted text preview: EE 740 Term Project ‐ Autumn 2005 Posted: 10/27/05 Due dates: Part I: 11/22/05 Part II: 12/06/05 A distribution system is shown in Figure 1. The necessary data to characterize transformers (T1, T2 and T3) and loads #1, 2, 3 and 4 (three‐phase) is given below: T1: 1 MVA, 63 kV / 20kV, XT1=10% T2: 10 MVA, 63 kV / 20 kV, XT2=10% T3: 500 KVA, 20 kV / 440 V, XT3=5% Load # 1: 500 KVA, p.f.= 0.9 (lagging) Load # 2: 2 MVA, p.f.= 0.75 (lagging) Load # 3: 2 MVA, p.f.= 0.75 (lagging) Load # 4: 300 KVA, p.f.= 0.9 (leading) Part I: 1) Calculate the per‐unit system using given base voltage 63kV on Bus 2 and base MVA value of 10 MVA for the entire system. 2) Calculate YBUS model of the system for power flow analysis. 3) Give Gauss‐Seidel algorithm for solving the power flow problems of this system, assuming Bus 2 is the swing bus (equations only). 4) Calculate the voltages and injected powers (P and Q) on all 5 buses using MATLAB. Part II: Repeat the above simulation using C/C++. Please note the following: a) Your report must be typed. b) Give detailed mathematical modeling. c) Give sample calculations. d) Use tables to show all results. e) All programs must be attached as appendices. f) You can work as a team of two students. If choose to do so, you must submit an individual report with your teammate’s name on it. ...
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