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ProblemSet4 - Problem Set#4 Transmission line parameters...

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1 Problem Set #4 Transmission line parameters 4-1 (Grainger and Stevenson Jr., Chapter 4, Example 4.1) The Aluminum Electrical Conductor Handbook lists a dc resistance of 0.01558 ohm per 1000 ft at 20 ° C and a 60-Hz resistance of 0.0956 ohm per mile at 50 ° C for the all- aluminum Marigold conductor, which has 61 strands and whose size is 1113 kcmil. Assuming an increase in resistance of 2% for spiraling, calculate and verify the dc resistance. Then calculate the dc resistance at 50 ° C, and determine the percentage increase due to skin effect. The resistivity of the conductor at 20 ° C is 17.00 -cmil/ft. 4-2 (Keyhani Lecture) One thousand circular mils or 1 kcmil is sometimes designated by the abbreviation MCM. Data for commercial bare aluminum electrical conductors lists a 60-Hz resistance of 0.0880 ohm per kilometer at 75 ° C for a 795-MCM AAC conductor. a) Determine the cross-sectional conducting area of this conductor in square meters.
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