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Econ 444 Elementary Econometrics (Fall 2007) COMPUTER EXERCISES FOR MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 The main purpose of these exercises is threefold: 1. to learn how to run a regression in Excel with its Data Analysis tool; 2. to learn how to plot the data in Excel; 3. to learn how to import data in the text format to Excel. This document is for Excel 2007. If you use an earlier version of Excel, I will post another document on my homepage. 1 MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 BASICS If you are familiar with Excel 2007, try to do the following exercise in any way you like and skip to the next section of "Running Regressions in Excel." If you are not familiar with Excel or if you have any trouble doing the exercise, follow the step-by-step instructions given below. 1.1 Exercise for Excel Basics Type in 70, 110, and 155 in cells A1, A2, and A3. Then type in 80, 160, and data for Y and X . The ±rst column is the data for Y as in the examples and applications we have seen in the course. For plotting the data in Excel, it is more convenient to have X in the ±rst column. For this purpose, copy A1-A3 to B5-B7, and copy B1-B3 to A5-A7. After this, make sure that you have 80, 160, 240 in cells A 5 ;A 6 ;A 7 , respectively, and 70, 110, and 155 in cells B 5 ;B 6 , and B 7 , respectively. 1.2 Step-by-Step Instructions Start Excel. 1 1 To start Excel, move your mouse to the "Start" button. Then click the mouse ("click" means to quickly press and release the left mouse button.) the "Start" button. A box will appear. Then click at the "Programs" icon in the box. A new box will appear. Then click at the "Microsoft O¢ ce" icon, and then "Microsoft Excel" icon. If you cannot ±nd the Microsoft Excel icon in this way, it may be placed in some other places in di/erent computers. Ask someone who is famiilar with the particular computer you are woking on. 1
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1.2.1 Cells Observe that cells are arranged in rows and columns in Microsoft Excel. Columns are indicated by Letters while rows are indicated by integers. Hence cell B 7 is in column B and row 7. 1.2.2 Moving Around the Worksheet Press Num Lock key repeatedly until the Num Lock light is o/. Use the cursor (arrow) keys to move around the worksheet. As you move around, observe that the highlighted cell moves around. Also press the "Page-Up" and "Page- Down" keys and observe that you can move in bigger steps. Finally press "Ctrl-Home" (meaning press the "Ctrl" and "Home" keys at the same time) to jump back to cell
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CEX - Econ 444 Elementary Econometrics (Fall 2007) COMPUTER...

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