Nagy_ BUS207.920 CRN14246 EXAM-1-1

Nagy_ BUS207.920 CRN14246 EXAM-1-1 - 081BUS207.920 Chapters...

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081BUS207.920 NAME___Chris Nagy____________________________ Chapters 1-4 [125 points] 18-Sep-07 MAKE SURE I CAN FIND YOUR ANSWERS. MATCHING [2 Points each] [j] Class Interval [a] The science of collecting, orgainzing, presenting, analyzing and interpreting data to assist in making more effective decisions. [k] Class Frequency [b] The entire set of individuals or objects of interest or the measujrements obtained from all individuals or objects of interest. [f] Continuous Variable [c] A portion or part of the population of interest. [e] Discrete variable [d] This can be reported numerically. [h] Exhaustive [e] Variables that can only assume certain values. [g] Mutually Exclusive [f] Variables that can assume any value within a certain range. [b] Population [g] a property of a set of categories such than an individual or object is included in only one category. [d] Quantative Variable [h] A property of a set of categories such that each individual or object must appear in a category. [c] Sample [j] the size or width or a class. [a] Statistics [k] the number of observations in each class. PUT YOUR ANSWERS TO THE RIGHT OF THE QUESTION YOU MAY WISH TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR ANSWERS IN A DIFFERENT COLOR IF YOU USE MEGASTAT, KINDLY LABEL THE WORK. [c] [a] [11] Movie Number of people Relative Frequency Cars 7 7 0.280 The DaVinci code 8 15 0.320 Over the Hedge 2 17 0.080 The Break-up 5 22 0.200 The Omen 3 25 0.120 Total 25 1.000 [b] Create a frequency polygon [line graph]. [d] Create a cumulative frequency polygon. [e] Create a Histogram showing your data. 4 points each unless otherwise stated. Cumulative Frequency [a] Find the relative frequency distribution of the data. [c] Find the cumulative frequency [add a column to your table].
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[12] Wellstone, Inc., produces and markets replacement covers for cell phones in a variety of colors. The company wold like to allocate its productions plans to five different colors:
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Nagy_ BUS207.920 CRN14246 EXAM-1-1 - 081BUS207.920 Chapters...

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