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Chapter 1 Law- (1) a “body of rules to which people must conform their conduct”; (2) “a form of social control”; and (3) “a set of rules used by judges in deciding disputes.” Constitutional Law is the law embodies in the United States Constitution. It prescribes the organization of the federal government, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and defines the powers of the federal government Statutory Law is the second source of law in the United States. The law promulgated by the legislature and generally agreed to by the executive (president, governor, or mayor). Common Law is the third source of law in the United States. This consists of legal rules that have evolved not from statutes, but rather from decisions of judges and from customs and practices that obtained their authority from the test of time. Precedent is a basis for deciding future cases Stare decisis means “the matter stands decided.” The purpose of stare decisis is to give some uniformity to the law. Administrative Law
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