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Unformatted text preview: Take home exercise 1: EViews guide with exercise; Econ 642 1 April 2008 R. de Jong Being able to use a statistical package such as EViews and being able to interpret the output cor- rectly is one of the most important things that Econ 642 should enrich you with. EViews is a reasonably user-friendly package (although you may not think so when you use it for the first time). In principle, however, most statistical packages produce similar output, and once you have mastered EViews, learning another package should be relatively straightforward. If you should have any questions, please ask Jungick Lee, the TA for this class. His email address is [email protected] . Please start the exercise early. The 318 Arps computer lab is closed on weekends, and therefore you should be finished with your exercise on Friday. Start on Thursday at the very latest! A. Basics 1. How to start EViews a. If you have an Eviews CD: Put your EViews 6 Student Version 2 CD into the CD-ROM drive of the computer. A window will appear that gives you five options. Choose “run EViews from CD”. EViews will now start. If EViews does not start automatically, click “Start-Run” and type “d:autorun” to start the CD. b. If you do not have an EViews CD and you are in Econ lab (AP305 or AP318): Simply double-click the EViews icon on the desktop (username: labuser , password: economics ). EViews should also be available on PCs in the following computer labs: 145 Brown Hall, 590 Baker Systems, 5 Agricultural Administration. 2. Creating a workfile We will now create a workfile, which contains variable names, number of observations, whether the data is monthly, quarterly etc. We shall read the data into this workfile as well. • Click: File–New–Workfile . 1 This guide is based on EViews 5. x or 6.0. 2 This can be purchased online ( http://www.eviews.com/eviews6/eviews6s/evstud6.html ) at the price of $39.95 if you want to own your own copy. 1 • Choose “Unstructured / Undated” (used for cross-sectional data) in Workfile structure type . • Observations (i.e., sample size): 15 in Data range . • Click OK or press Enter 3. Loading data 1. Open NotePad (Start - Programs - Accessories - NotePad) from Start-Programs-Accessories. Enter the data shown in Table 1. Enter the data, starting with a first line containing “ x y ” (i.e. the variable names; use lowercase letters for your variable names), and put “ 1 0.58 ” on the second line (make no empty line spacing), and so forth. To deliminate x and y (or 1 and 0.58 ) use Tab or Spacebar on the keyboard. Save the file as “chicken.txt” and remember where you saved the file. 2. Close the data file you just made and return to the EViews screen again....
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eviews-642 - Take home exercise 1 EViews guide with...

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