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MHR_318_SA2.6 - my or other people with me does not have...

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Alonso Cuevas MHR 318 T&Th 8am S.A. 2.6 Self-Assessment 2.6 1. Somewhat true 2. Slightly more false than true 3. Very true 4. Somewhat true 5. Somewhat true 6. Somewhat true 7. Slightly more false than true 8. Somewhat true 9. Somewhat false 10. Somewhat true 11. Slightly more false than true 12. Somewhat false 13. Somewhat true My evaluation of the Assessment I feel that I have to some extent the ability to notice the change in peoples behavior just by looking at their eyes or their tune of voice or body language. I know that I most change my behavior if it is offensive towards others to be more respectful and make them feel more comfortable as a guest or as a host. Creating tension among other groups who are not liked by
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Unformatted text preview: my or other people with me does not have good results if approached in a negative way and could lead to serious injuries. Having the ability to change in from a of a group of people that might not like you as a person but will refuse to confront you if you can use the tools of changing the environment with a positive attitude from yourself. Many people have the ability to notice when they are offending others, and usually done by accident not on purpose, so they most make an attempt to change that to have a comfortable environment....
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