Prelim 1 Practice

Prelim 1 Practice - Copy of Old Prelim Notes In order to...

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Copy of Old Prelim Notes: In order to save paper, I have removed lots of blank space that appeared on the actual exam. I will give you more space to do your work on your prelim. Also, I have used some of these problems in class or on homeworks this year, but the students taking the exam had not seen them before their prelim. Also, the prelim this year will cover some topics relating to center of mass and momentum, while this old prelim does not . I.. 5 points Cite an example of a body that accelerates while traveling at constant speed. 2 5 points. A heavy pendulum bob is swinging back and forth when the string supporting it suddenly breaks. Ignoring the mass of the string and the viscosity of air, describe and/or sketch the subsequent trajectory of the bob if the break occurs when the bob is (a) at its lowest point and (b) at its highest point. -" -. (a} I (b) /' '" 3 10 points A person of mass 50 kg is standing on a scale in an elevator. If the elevator has a downward acceleration equal to 01 g, what is the reading on the scale (in Newtons)? 4. 10 An object thrown vertically upwards flam the ground is subject to a viscous force (proportional to its speed), in addition to gravity. Suppose it takes time t] for the object to reach its maximum height, and tz to fall tram this point back to the ground. Is t] > tz, t] = tz, or t] < tz? Explain .
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Prelim 1 Practice - Copy of Old Prelim Notes In order to...

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