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Department of Economics The Ohio State University Econ 817—Game Theory Fall 2007 Prof. James Peck Homework #2—Due Wednesday October 17 Directions: Answer all questions, and be neat. If you discuss the questions in study groups, list the members of your study group, and make sure that the writeup is your own work. 1. O-R, exercise 56.4. Hint: By the symmetry of the game, the set of
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Unformatted text preview: rationalizable pure actions is the same for both players. Call it Z . Consider m ≡ inf( Z ) and M ≡ sup( Z ) , and go from there. 2. O-R, exercise 76.1. Use the characterization of common knowledge in terms of the meet of the information partitions, as in class and Aumann’s “Agreeing to Disagree.” 1...
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