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EEOB 700 Biogeography Andrea D. Wolfe Associate Professor Department of EEOB Office: Aranoff Lab 364 Phone: 292-0267 Email: Rationale: Biogeography is a field of study where patterns of biodiversity are elucidated. It is a comparative science where processes of evolution are superimposed on processes of geology, global climate change, and ecological parameters to study the past and present distributions of organisms. Objectives: To introduce students to the types of comparative data used to elucidate patterns of distribution, including an overview of phylogenetic systematics and phylogeography, plate tectonics, the fossil record, and patterns of disjunction. The historical context of the development of biogeography as a scientific discipline will be presented, including the controversial debates that have contributed to our current understanding of biogeographic patterns (e.g., continental drift; evolution theory; phenetics vs. cladistics). Another objective of the course will be to consider conservation biology in a biogeographic context. Textbook : Brown, J. H., and M. V. Lomolino. 1998. Biogeography, 2nd Edition. Sinauer Associates, Inc. Sunderland, Mass. Grading: Midterm I: 100 pts Midterm II: 100 pts Final Exam: 100 pts In class presentations: 120 pts (each student will review a 2 - 5 current articles on biogeography, write a short review of the subject presented in the articles and do an inclass presentation).
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Syllabus for EEOB 700, Winter 2005 Week 1: Historical Overview of Biogeography History of global exploration, Pre-Darwinian and Post-Darwinian contributions,
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syllabus.2005 - EEOB 700 Biogeography Andrea D. Wolfe...

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