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MOLECULAR GENETICS 733 HUMAN GENETICS ANALYSIS OF PATTERNS OF TRANSMISSION ( Paul Fuerst ) METHODS OF MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS ( Tom Prior ) METHODS OF MOLECULAR ANALYSIS ( Arthur Burghes ) TEXTBOOK T. STRACHAN & A.P. READ HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS 3rd edition - 2004 READINGS - PATTERNS OF INHERITANCE Chapter 2; p. 43-49 chapter 3; all chapter 6; p 125-127 chapter 7; all chapter 10: 259 chapter 11; all chapter 12; all chapter 13; all chapter 15; 356-366 chapter 17; 415-425 chapter 19; all Course notes Course notes for Paul Fuerst can be accessed at: http://www.biosci.ohiostate.edu/~pfuerst/courses/index.html HUMAN INHERITANCE All human phenotypic characters require the interaction of many loci Possible modes of inheritance: Mendelian inheritance Polygenic (Quantitative) inheritance HUMAN INHERITANCE Mendelian inheritance Particular genotype at one locus is both necessary and sufficient for the character to be expressed
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TERMS: Location Of Genes = Locus Different loci responsible for expression of different characters TERMS: ALLELES - alternative forms or states of a coding sequence of a locus example: ABO BLOOD GROUP alleles A1 A2 B O example: HEMOGLOBIN β LOCUS alleles: A, S, C, E, D, . ......... OMIM lists > 550 example: CYSTIC FIBROSIS alleles: many rare variants OMIM lists 130 “selected examples”
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