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Preliminary lecture schedule (Subject to change): 3/28 - Mendelian genetics; the impact of human genetic disease; (PF) 3/30 - Interpreting human inheritance II: heterogeneity, somatic mosaicism, germline mosaicism, etc. 4/1 - Pedigree structure; Interpreting human inheritance: penetrance; expressivity; (PF) 4/4 - Analyzing Mendelian inheritance; autosomal inheritance: dominance and recessiveness; 4/6 - Analyzing Mendelian inheritance; X-linked loci, mitochondrial genes; variations on Mendelism 4/8 - Genetic markers and Polymorphism: emphasis on microsatellite (STR) loci and SNPs (PF) 4/11 - Genes in populations: The Hardy-Weinberg Principle; general gene frequency; allele frequency; segregation ratios; genes in populations: carrier frequency, selection, mutation rates (PF) 4/13 - Linkage:(PF) genetic recombination, informative markers and informative families 4/15 - Linkage: LOD score calculation (PF) 4/18 - Linkage III: additional considerations (PF) 4/20 - Hemoglobinopathies (TP) 4/22
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