640Lecture0105 - MG/EEOB 640 • Textbook(required • P.W...

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Unformatted text preview: MG/EEOB 640 • Textbook: (required) • P.W Hedrick - • Genetics of Populations (3rd edition) • Publisher: Jones and Bartlett • Course notes can be accessed at: • http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~pfuerst/courses/index.html Other texts in population genetics Introduction to Population Genetics, Richard Halliburton, 2004 Principles of Population Genetics (3 rd Edition), Daniel L Hartl and Andrew G. Clark, 1997 Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution, Dan Graur and Wen- Hsiung Li, 2000 Evolutionary Genetics, John Maynard Smith, 1998 Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits, Michael Lynch and Bruce Walsh, 1998 Genes in Populations (Second Edition), Eliot B Spiess, 1989 An Introduction to Population Genetic Theory, James F. Crow and Motoo Kimura, 1970 Population Genetics what’s it useful for? • Plant and animal breeding • Pesticide and herbicide resistance • Drug resistance in human pathogens • Forensic analysis (DNA fingerprinting) • Preservation of endangered species • Studies of speciation • Identification of genes for complex human traits • Genetic counseling • Study of human evolution and human origin • Effects of release of GM organisms Essentialism versus Population Thinking • Essentialism: • All seemingly variable phenomena in nature can be sorted into classes • class characterized by its essence • (Platonic essences) • Population Thinking: life exists as variable populations • classes NOT constant • every individual uniquely different • Study of naturally occurring genetic differences among organisms • Genetic polymorphisms • Genetic divergence • MORE SPECIFICALLY: Study of the modification of inherited variation in time and space WHAT IS “POPULATION GENETICS” ? • study of changes within a population • therefore, it emphasizes collectives, not individuals • Not simply Mendelian genetics • study of variability (genetic diversity) • among individuals within populations • (or species ) WHAT IS “POPULATION GENETICS” ? •...
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640Lecture0105 - MG/EEOB 640 • Textbook(required • P.W...

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