640SYL05 - Molecular Genetics 640 Genetical Basis of...

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Molecular Genetics 640 Genetical Basis of Evolution 09331-0 Spring 2005 335 Campbell Hall MWF 1:30 - 2:48 Instructor: Paul Fuerst 292-6403 /fuerst.1@osu.edu office : 386 Aronoff Laboratory - hours 11:30-12:30 MWF TA: Jennifer Carmichael Katie Abell 292-4570 / carmichael.45@osu.edu 292-9373 / abell.7@osu.edu office: 394 Aronoff Laboratory 256 Aronoff Laboratory Course description: Molecular Genetics 640 reviews the areas of Evolutionary and Population Genetics. Population genetics is concerned with the processes that affect the patterns of genetic variation within a species, and therefore describes how evolutionary changes occur. Population genetic mechanisms provide both applied and theoretical contributions to many fields, including ecology, systematics, agriculture, wildlife management and conservation biology. Types of genetic variation that have been used by geneticists to study patterns and changes in populations will be surveyed. The course develops some of the basic algebraic foundations for the genetic study of populations. The forces that change allele frequencies within populations will be described. The evaluation of inbreeding patterns and the effect of inbreeding on populations will be discussed. Methods of studying the structure of natural populations will be examined. The processes of molecular change (in both amino acid sequences and nucleic acid sequences) during evolution will be reviewed. The use of new molecular methods to examine quantitative variation, and a brief overview of the theory of quantitative genetics will also be discussed. Final Exam
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640SYL05 - Molecular Genetics 640 Genetical Basis of...

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