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1 Evolution and Variation (can’t have the first without the second) Evolution and Variation • Evolution requires variation – what is the evidence for variation? – How do we study variation? – How do we quantify variation? • What is the average level of variation in the genome? variation : the first level • morphological variation – polymorphic variability in morphological characters in natural populations • polymorphism : presence of two or more forms in a population at frequencies that cannot be explained by recurrent mutation (or at “appreciable” frequencies) Variation in Pigmentation as a morphological character Readings • Sturm, R.A. and T.N. Frudakis. 2004. Eye colour: portals into pigmentation genes and ancestry. Trends in Genetics 20: 327-332. • Barsh, G.S. 2003. What Controls Variation in Human Skin Color? PLoS Biology, volume 1, issue 1: 19-22. • Sturm R.A., R.D. Teasdale, N.F. Box. 2001. Human pigmentation genes: identification,
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g640Lecture02pigmentation - Evolution and Variation...

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