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g640Lecture12A - Microsatellites the other hypervariable...

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Microsatellites: the other hypervariable repeat sequence Microsatellites Repeated sequences: occur many times in genome ( >100,000 ) – SSR - simple sequence repeat – Hypervariable STR - Short Tandem Repeats - microsatellite SIMPLE SEQUENCE REPEATS Allelic variation in the number of di-, tri- or tetra-nucleotide repeats at a specific location ........... CACACACACACACACA ............ ..... CACACACACACACACACACACACA .... ..................... (CA) n ................. microsatellite = STS + STR PRIMER 1 PRIMER 2 STR COMBINATION OF PRIMER 1 + PRIMER 2 REPRESENTS UNIQUE SITE variation in number of repeats in STR represents different alleles in population PCR-based STR fingerprinting Name: Aa 13; type: (GT) 25.5 Expected PCR product: 126bp GATC ACTTTT TGGAACAACA CCAGGTTTCG TTTCTTAGGA TACCAAGAGA GGTTACTTTC ATTTTCAGGA ATCACCGTTA CCATCAGTAT AAACTGTGTG CTTGGCACAT CTATAAGCTG ATAGGAACCC AAC AGTATTT TATTTTTGAA ATA TGTGTGT GTGTGTGTGT GTGTGTGTGT GTGTGTGTGT GTGTGTGTGT GTGT ATTAAT AG TCACAAAA ATAACAAAA T AGGAG T TGTA TGGGATC
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