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Amsco Ch 2 pages 24- 38 The 13 Colonies and the British Empire 1607- 1754 3 type of Colonies Corporate Royal Proprietary Major Differences in British Colonies than French and Spanish? Early English Settlements What changed to allow England to start looking to colonize? What was a joint Stock company? Jamestown Who chartered? Problems? Transition? Plymouth and Massachussetts Bay Motivation: The Plymouth Colony Who were these Pilgrims?
Hardships? Massachusetts Bay Who were the Puritans? Early Political Institutions Representation in Virgina? Representation in New England Limits to Colonial Democracy Chesapeake Colonies What was done? Religious Issues in Maryland Act of Toleration? Protestant Revolt Labor Shortage Why needed? Indentured Servants
Headright System Slavery Economic Problems Conflict in Virginia Bacon’s rebellion