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A trip to a national park

A trip to a national park - • Written report in MS...

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GS 105 Exercise: Taking a family vacation to our parks. For this exercise you will plan and execute a trip to visit one or more national parks. Your field report should include: Travel notes Transportation details Activities while in the parks or en route (hikes, ranger tours, bike or horse outings, rafting, etc.) Provide some detail about where you stayed and what you saw. Geologic setting of the park(s). Side trips (other national monuments, forests, rec. areas, etc.) Interesting things you saw along the way (tourist traps, other people, etc. Use your imagination.) Personal reflections Compile all this into an electronic folder or document, which should include:
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Unformatted text preview: • Written report in MS word (save document as word if not using MS (2-4 pages) • Links from activities in which you engaged during your virtual trip. Paste these links into your report. (Copy and paste the page addresses) • Maps (again, links will do.) • Souvenirs (virtual) • Other stuff Your report should be readable by any other person, and should be a stand-alone story about your vacation. Your report should be e-mailed to me before class. Name your file: yourname_parkname.doc If you are not able to e-mail this, then submit on recorded media at class that day....
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