MHR_318_SA3.4 - temporary just to learn the skills I need I...

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Alonso Cuevas 4-5-07 MHR 318 S.A. 3.4 Self Assessment 3.4 1. I am nice S and P 2. I am responsible S 3. I am hard working S 4. I am loyal P 5. I am family oriented P 6. I am helpful S 7. I am funny S and P 8. I am honest S 9. I am polite S 10. I am smart S 11. I am selfless S 12. I am independent S and P My self assessment response: I things I learned about myself while doing these assessment is that I feel I have many skills that work within a social level and a personal level. Many of the views that I see myself at a social level comes from my personal level and helps a lot to have gain these skills at a personal level to help make it easier at a social level. I feel that I am independent because I do not like to really on anyone to do the work for me and if I do have to really on someone it would be
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Unformatted text preview: temporary just to learn the skills I need. I feel that I also a family oriented personal and I like that because I feel the reason a lot of things that motivate me comes from my family to make life easier for them and myself. I at first found it hard to figure out what kind of person I see myself as because I did not want to sound that I was too good for everyone but a good person that just wants to make it and be successful because I like to win and I hate to loose. I strongly feel that you should treat others the way you want to be treated and that’s why I try to be a nice person to others....
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MHR_318_SA3.4 - temporary just to learn the skills I need I...

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