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Review Sheet for Exam 2

Review Sheet for Exam 2 - Chapter 7 Formation of...

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Review Sheet for Exam 2 GS 100 Spring 2004 Test on May 3, 2004 Chapter 5 Aspects of mechanical and chemical weathering Forces of mechanical weathering Role of water Sheeting, unloading and exfoliation Chemical weathering rates and rock types Climate Soil formation processes Types of soils Soil horizons Parent materials Climate and organisms Slope Weathering and erosion Weathering and ore deposits Chapter 6 Basics of sedimentary rock classification Detrital Chemical Sedimentary materials Effects of weathering, erosion and transport Sorting Textural and compositional interpretation Depositional environments Facies of deposition Sedimentary structures Economic aspects of sedimentary rocks
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Formation of metamorphic rocks Three types of metamorphic rocks T and P of each type Places where you would find each type Formation of oriented minerals and foliation Lithostatic and differential stress Protoliths and metamorphic progeny Mineral resources in metamorphic rocks Chapter 8 Processes and rates of mass wasting Controls of mass wasting processes Role in slope formation Angle of repose Role of water Gravity rules Classification of types of mass wasting Flow vs. slide Creep Permafrost and solifluction Chapter 18 Principles of relative age dating Unconformities Cross-cutting relationships Inclusion Radioactive decay and absolute dating The geologic time scale...
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