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GS 105 Exercise 2 Federal Management of the Colorado Plateau: The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument controversy This topic is a timely issue of Federal land management and private enterprise. In the mid 1990’s, congress was set to vote to allow increased resource exploration and development in certain areas of the southwestern Colorado Plateau. This was a very hot political/environmental issue. The region is rich in scenic beauty, but beneath the scenery lays coal, coal-bed methane and potential oil reserves. Before the debate could be decided by vote, President Clinton invoked the Antiquities Act to set aside the 1.7 million acre GSENM. Not everyone was happy, but this was seen
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Unformatted text preview: as a major victory for the environmental activists. Today there is much discussion suggesting that the declaration of national monument status should be revoked, and the land be made available for exploitation of its resources. Should private enterprise have the opportunity to construct roads, explore for and develop resources, and profit from the nations public lands? Ive provided links, on the website, to both sides of the issue for starters. Look a bit beyond and include your references. In a brief 1-3 page critique, summarize the issue and take a stand.!!! Due: 10/11/05. Use cogent thinking. Your critique must be edited and neatly typed please....
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