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NP map exercise - 8 Which NP is the southernmost in the...

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GS 105 Exercise 1 January 3, 2006 (due 1/5/06) Introduction to maps and the national parks Name____________ 1. What is your reason for taking this course? 2. What experience (academic and otherwise) have you had with geological sciences? 3. What year are you here at Ohio State? 4. What is your major? 5. What career do you hope for? 6. Have you visited any of our national parks? a. Where b. When c. With whom d. What park would you most like to visit? The following questions refer to the National Park System map available in your text and on the website. It is a familiarization exercise to help you get used to the park system and the class website. Several web readings about maps and map reading are located on the GS 105 supplemental readings page. Please read these over before attempting question 22 below.
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7. What is the easternmost NP
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Which NP is the southernmost in the continental US? 9. Which US NP is the westernmost in the continental US? 10. How many NPs are there in California? 11. How many NPs are in Alaska? 12. What two states share the Great Smoky Mountain NP? 13. How many national parks are there in Iowa? 14. What NP can be found in Minnesota? 15. Are there any US national parks outside of the 50 states? 16. What is a national scenic trail? 17. What is the closest national park to Newark, OH? 18. What mountain is the focus of Hawaii NP? 19. What major river helps define a number of parks of the southwestern US? 20. Which river forms the big bend of Big Bend NP? 21. What other types of parks or features are depicted on the park system map along with the locations of the scenic national parks? 22. Using, find and study a topographic map of your home....
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NP map exercise - 8 Which NP is the southernmost in the...

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