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Bryan (Daejin) Kim ENG105 Hodson 5/17/07 Reading Map #3: The Globalization of Eating Disorders PERSONA The author writes this essay as a critic of the contemporary eating disorders around the world and the media that has been causing these disorders. She writes as none other than herself, who seems to be quite an authority in this field: “I was intrigued, for example, when my articles on eating disorders began to be translated, over the past few years, into Japanese and Chinese” (Bordo 720).She is obviously not just a personal critic who is writing about the eating habits of the world. For her essays to be translated into different languages, she must be an acclaimed writer. She also mentions receiving reports from different parts of the world on their eating habits and disorders, which could mean that she has a connection around the world. AUDIENCE The author is evidently writing to everyone in this world that has some kind of a connection to any broadcasting. She mentions in her essay that Fiji did not have any problems with eating until in 1995, they were first introduced to a channel of television. Starting in 1998, Fiji reported many disorders in eating habits, only three years after the
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Reading Map 3 - Bryan(Daejin Kim ENG105 Hodson Reading...

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