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1 Chapter 1 An Introduction to Geology The Science of Geology Geology - the science that pursues an understanding of planet Earth Physical geology - examines the materials composing Earth and seeks to understand the many processes that operate beneath and upon its surface Historical geology - seeks an understanding of the origin of Earth and its development through time The Science of Geology Geology, people, and the environment Many important relationships exist between people and the natural environment Problems and issues addressed by geology include Natural hazards, resources, world population growth, and environmental issues
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2 The Science of Geology Some historical notes about geology The nature of Earth has been a focus of study for centuries Catastrophism Uniformitarianism and the birth of modern geology Geologic time Geologists are now able to assign fairly accurate dates to events in Earth history Relative dating and the geologic time scale Relative dating means that dates are placed in their proper sequence or order without knowing their age in years The geologic time scale Figure 1.7
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