Exercise 5 What the futre holds

Exercise 5 What the futre holds - Can we hope for progress...

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GS 210 Final essay assignment. Due Tuesday, March 8 In the absence of a final lecture on “What the future holds?” I’d like you to consider the following question and to respond with a well-developed and neatly presented essay . This will serve as a good review of what you have learned through this course, and will allow me to assess how well I have delivered my message. The question: With the world’s population heading toward 9 billion people this century, will there be enough resources to support the world’s population?
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Unformatted text preview: Can we hope for progress to continue at the pace of the last 200 years, and will future societies be able to have enough mineral, energy and water resources to improve their standard of living ? I will count this as a part of your lab grade, rather than as a part of your final exam. There is no page limit imposed on your creative process, but please answer the question critically and fully. Your response should address all three of the resource groups. I know that it is a big question but our future depends upon you....
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