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Unformatted text preview: AMM230 Fashion Promotion Chapter 4 Promotion Planning Promotional Planning Strategic Planning A long term plan that covers more than 2 years into the future. Companies may also develop short term plans for 6 months to a year Strategic Analysis Often done in the form of a S.W.O.T. analysis. Size & scope & strength of prod/weaknesses/opportunities/threats Use internal and external information The Planning Process Strategic Analysis Mission State. Evaluation Goals/Objectives Implementation Time Frame Strategies/Tactics Personnel Assignments Promotional Planning Mission Statement The mission statement defines the purpose of the firm and what it wants to accomplish, covering a discussion of the company's products, services, and target customer Goals and Objectives 1. Marketing Objectives Statements that specify what is to be accomplished by the overall marketing program within a short time 2. Integrated Marketing Communications Objectives Statements about what the ICM program will accomplish Based on 4 factors Target Audience Product Brands Behavioral responses Goals and Objectives 3. Promotion Objectives The five general promotional objectives are 1. To inform 2. To arouse interest 3. To persuade 4. To encourage to purchase 5. To gain loyalty Promotions Objective Pyramid Loyalty Encourage Persuade Arouse Interest Inform Applying Promotion Objectives Global Markets International promotion Domestic Markets National promotions/Regional/Local Trade Promotions Retail Promotions Cooperative Promotions Promotion Calendars Trade Calendar Lists major events happening at the manufacturing level Market weeks Manufacturing timeline Used by buyers and promotional staff to plan when merchandise will hit stores Also used to plan schedules of different staff in the planning, merchandising and buying divisions Promotion Calendar Retail Calendar (p. 111) Indicates what merchandise is currently available in the retail store Identifies consumer needs throughout the fashion year This is the basis for the promotional mix calendar at the retail level Promotion Mix Calendars Fashion Theme Calendar Retailers use to schedule when they will promote certain departments and items different themes/trends Retailers use these to identify when, where, and what items will be advertised Shows locations, dates, times for various shows Advertising Calendar Fashion Show Planning Calendar Promotion Mix Calendars Special Events Calendar Used by promotions office or sales staff to track guest appearances, product demonstrations, vendor promotions etc... Visual Merchandising Calendar Used to organize visual presentations (ex on pg 112) ...
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