sylf07 - Econ 641 436 Fall 2007 APPLIED REGRESSION AND...

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Econ 641 Bolz (BO) 436 Fall 2007 TR 3:30-5:18 APPLIED REGRESSION AND CORRELATION ANALYSIS Instructor: Prof. J. Huston McCulloch Office: 452 Arps Hall. Phone: 292-0382. E-mail [email protected] Office Hours: MW 2-3, or by appointment Course website: Teaching Assistant: Ms. Jina Yu will be in charge of grading homework and will answer student questions concerning homework. Office hours: MW 10-12. 462 Arps, 247-6450, [email protected] Official Prerequisites: Econ 501 and Stat 245 or equivalent. In practice, a basic statistics course, including statistical inference with Student's t statistic, and some knowledge of integral calculus, is adequate. Required Text: 1. Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach . It is expected that data sets for exercises will be provided on class website, so that you will not need to use the eResources account that accompanies the text. Recommended Text and Software: 2. EViews 6 Stand-Alone Package. Students will be required to use and become familiar with the EViews statistical/econometric package during the course. Eviews 6 is on all computers in both the Economics computer labs. The larger lab, Arps 318 is only available M-F 9-5. The smaller lab, Arps 305, is locked except for M-F 9-5, but your Buck-ID card will unlock it if you e-mail your Buck-ID number to our Systems Manager, Mr. John-David Slaughter <[email protected]>, mentioning Econ 641. It should also be available in 5 Ag. Admin, and in the Sociology Dept.’s lab. If you prefer to use your own computer, and to have access to the program after you leave OSU, you can purchase the EViews 6 Stand-Alone Package, which is available to OSU students through OSU’s site license from QMS Software for a greatly reduced price using the attached
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This note was uploaded on 07/17/2008 for the course ECON 641 taught by Professor Mcculloch during the Fall '07 term at Ohio State.

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sylf07 - Econ 641 436 Fall 2007 APPLIED REGRESSION AND...

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