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Topics for Final Exam 08

Topics for Final Exam 08 - Topics for Review for GS 203...

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Topics for Review for GS 203 Final Exam. Exam is 6/2/08 from 2-4 in the regular classroom (F2156) Energy Resources: Fossil Fuels Oil and Natural Gas Formation of Oil and Gas Deposits Oil and Gas Migration The Time Factor Supply and Demand for Oil and Natural Gas Oil U.S. Oil Supplies Natural Gas Future Prospects Coal Formation of Coal Deposits Coal Reserves and Resources Limitations on Coal Use Gasification Liquefaction Environmental Impacts of Coal Use Sulfur in Coal Ash Coal-Mining Hazards and Environmental Impacts Oil Shale Tar Sand Energy Resources: Alternative Sources Nuclear Power-Fission Fission-Basic Principles The Geology of Uranium Deposits Extending the Nuclear Fuel Supply Concerns Related to Nuclear Reactor Safety Concerns Related to Fuel Handling Radioactive Wastes Risk Assessment, Risk Projection Concluding Observations Nuclear Power-Fusion Solar Energy Solar Heating Solar Electricity Potential Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Commitment to Solar
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