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Review Sheet for Final GS 121 Fall 2006

Review Sheet for Final GS 121 Fall 2006 - Erosion...

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Topical Review Sheet for Final Exam GS 121 December 3, 2007 2-4 PM F2168 Chapter 15 Processes and rates of mass wasting Controls of mass wasting processes Role in slope formation Angle of repose Role of water Gravity rules Classification of types of mass wasting Flow vs. slide Creep Permafrost and solifluction Chapter 16 The water cycle River gradient Sediment in streams How streams erode and deposit The stream profile Base level Flood plains and levees Drainage basins and drainage patterns Stream cross sectional area and discharge Floods and flood control Hydrographs Delta processes and types Chapter 17 Ground water: Understand ground water as both a resource and a geologic agent of change Porosity Permeability Aquifers Aquitards Relationship of ground water to surface water How ground water moves Karst features and topography Wells and water supply The Granville example Pollution of ground water
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Chapter 18 How glaciers form and how ice flows Accumulation vs. wastage The glacial budget
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Unformatted text preview: Erosion Deposition Till vs. outwash Alpine landforms Continental glaciation landforms Snow to ice transformation The behavior of ice The ice ages Extent of glaciation Affects on Ohio, and the Great Lakes Other ice age landscape changes Loading and unloading of the land Coastal changes Pluvial lakes of the west and midwest Chapter 19 What makes a desert? Climate, latitude, altitude Atmosphere and ocean currents Weathering in deserts Erosion in deserts The role of running water The role of the wind Wind blown sediment and dunes Landforms of the deserts Alluvial fans, bajadas Playas Desertification and man Chapter 20 Origin and action of waves Wave energy and coastal erosion Coastal transport and deposition Beach structure and coastal landforms Emergent vs. submergent coasts Barrier island dynamics Role of storms Role of the ice ages in coastal deposition and sea level/land interaction Organic coastlines...
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Review Sheet for Final GS 121 Fall 2006 - Erosion...

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