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Homework 1 - GS 608: Introduction to GPS: Theory and...

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GS 608 : Introduction to GPS: Theory and Applications Spring Quarter 2006 Distributed : March 31 2006 Date Due : April 7 2006 Problem Set 1 The purpose of this lab and lab 2 is to get familiar with coordinate transformation problem and learn about the tools available for datum transformation on line (NGS web page). 1. Reference systems. a. Visit the following web page (if you have not done it already): http://www.colorado.Edu/geography/gcraft/notes/datum/datum_f.html and print the section: Geodetic Datum Overview including the figures. We have covered most of this material in class, but please, use this write-up as further reference. b. Define reference system and explain what is the difference between the local and global datum (reference system). c. What is the difference between geographical and geodetic latitude, longitude and height? For what types of applications (say in mapping) would you recommend using geodetic vs. geographical coordinates? 2. Cartesian to (from) geographical (geodetic) coordinate conversion. a. Using the class notes distributed last/this week, do the following coordinate conversion: i. Given geographical coordinates: Latitude = 40 ° N, Longitude = 83 ° W, h= 210 m, convert them to 3-D Cartesian coordinates X, Y and Z. Use the radius of the reference sphere r = 6371 km. ii.
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Homework 1 - GS 608: Introduction to GPS: Theory and...

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