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Homework 2 - GS 608: Introduction to GPS: Theory and...

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GS 608 : Introduction to GPS: Theory and Applications Spring Quarter 2006 Distributed : April 12 2006 Date Due : April 21 2006 Problem Set 2 1. Coordinate conversion NAD27 (83) latitude/longitude to (from) NAD27 (83) SPCS. a. Go to http://geodesy.geology.ohio-state.edu/course/gs608/homework.html and save the spreadsheet Lambert.xls into your N drive (or local directory). Lambert.xls performs the transformation of the latitude/longitude to SPCS 1927 X and Y and vise versa. b. Input latitude = 40 ° 00’00” and longitude = -83 ° 00’00”in ‘SPCS 1927 Lat-long -> X, Y’ to obtain X and Y. Use standard parallels 40 ° 02’ and 38 ° 44’, origin = 38 ° N, 82 ° 30’ W, and offsets X = 600,000 and Y=0. As result you will end up with 2 solutions for X and Y (Conformal latitude method and Geocentric latitude method). Explain the difference between these two methods. c. In cell ‘SPCS 1927 X, Y -> Lat-Long’ , put X, Y you’ve got from the coordinate conversion in (b) to check if you can get back the original latitude and longitude. Again explain the difference between the two methods. d. Repeat the same steps in the next two pages for SPCS 83 latitude/longitude to (from) SPCS 83 E and N conversion. Note that for SPCS 83 X and Y are replaced by Easting (E) and Northing (N). 2.
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Homework 2 - GS 608: Introduction to GPS: Theory and...

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