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Syllabus page 2 This course satisfies one GEC natural science requirement . Through this course you will learn of the materials and processes which have shaped our Earth, the natural hazards presented by these processes, and the environmental consequences of nature and man’s activities on Earth. Goals and rationale of natural science GEC courses: Courses in natural sciences foster an understanding of the principles, theories and methods of modern science, the relationship between science and technology, and the effects of science and technology on the environment. Learning Objectives: 1. Students understand the basic facts, principles, theories and methods of modern science. 2. Students learn key events in the history of science. 3. Students provide examples of the inter-dependence of scientific and technological developments. 4. Students discuss social and philosophical implications of scientific discoveries and understand the potential of science and technology to address problems of the
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Unformatted text preview: contemporary world. Class rules: Attendance is not mandatory, but will be assessed and will help you to achieve a higher grade. There is a remarkable correlation between in class attentiveness and course results. You must treat your fellow students and the teacher with respect , and you should expect to receive the same treatment. I expect your attention during lecture. You must turn off phones and if you use a computer, it better be tuned in to my class website. NO TEXT MESSAGING. If you are an EMS first responder or if you have an emergency situation, please let me know. Do not talk among yourselves , but feel free to ask questions and participate in the ideas being presented and discussed during class. No food is to be consumed during class, but drinks are OK. Please try to be on time for class. If you must leave early, please let me know. Course web address: HTU UT H...
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