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Topical review sheet for final exam

Topical review sheet for final exam - Major aqueducts and...

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Topical review sheet for final exam GS 210 Fall 2005 The final exam will be held on Monday, December 5 from 2-4 PM in F2156. This exam will be of similar format to the previous hourly exams and will cover all lecture materials, text readings, and in-class films related to water resources . I believe that we have covered: Overview of water resources Fresh water vs. salt water Glaciers, rivers and ground water Distribution of water resources worldwide and in the US Water usage by sector Agricultural water use and overuse The Everglades and S. Florida water Water in an ecosystem Modification of natural systems Big sugar Ecosystem restoration S. Florida water for the cities Saltwater intrusion Granville water and the Raccoon Valley aquifer Nature of the resource in Granville Production of drinking water Cleansing of wastewater
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The Colorado River Water in the southwest The Compact The CAP Controlling capacity and quality of the Colorado
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Unformatted text preview: Major aqueducts and moving water across natural boundaries California’s water needs and solutions China's water problems Too much and too little Yangtze and Yellow Three Gorges North to South diversion The Mekong Dam issues India China Laos and Thailand Irrigation General scheme and applications Modern ideas Megaprojects Columbia Basin Narmada Lake Chad Aral Sea Water 2025 The Great Man Made River Climate change and water resources in Peru Hydrologic situation of South America Tropical glaciers and global warming Basic causes and effects of climate change in the 20 th and 21 st centuries Seasonality of rainfall in the Andes Glaciers as water reservoirs Planning for the future Water issues for the future Population growth and resource distribution Water stress Overdraft of the water system for agriculture Borrowing tomorrow’s water today Drought Megadrought...
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Topical review sheet for final exam - Major aqueducts and...

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