history 202 wk 1

history 202 wk 1 - - Johnson opposed this amendment, but...

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1. The changes that affected the slaves and slave owners after the war. - Slavery was slowly being abolished. - Blacks were slowly gaining rights of whites. - Several slave owners were found to be poor and had to start doing manual labor themselves. 2. The changes that the south faces after the war. - The south was poor and in debt. - Many southerners were angry with losing their slave owning rights. - New Governments were created to assure the loyalty of the south. 3. Freedman’s Bureau. - Organization that created hospitals and educational systems for blacks and freedpeople. - A way of stopping violence in the streets. 4. President Andrew Johnson role in Reconstruction. - Was a racist president and did not believe in black rights. - In 1868 was put on trial for impeachment. - Hindered the full affects of the reconstruction by taking away things promised to the blacks and restored them to the slave owners. 5. The Fourteenth Amendment. - Important for the rights of the black men.
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Unformatted text preview: - Johnson opposed this amendment, but was still passed do to 2/3 vote of senate.- In 1954 it was used to outlaw segregation in schools.- Gave black men 3/5ths of a vote 6. Womens Rights.- Many women felt poorly treated and wanted to have the same rights as men.- This was the beginning of the process toward achieving the 19 th amendment. 7. The empowerment of blacks.- During reconstruction and after it, blacks started to gain political power.- African Americans were soon holding office in the HOR and in the Senate.-African American governors soon spawned out of the Reconstruction. 8. Racist Violence sparked by the Reconstruction.- The Reconstructions created violence on the streets. - The KKK was created of the reconstruction to kill blacks and white republicans.- In 1871 Grant was backed by military enforcement to stop racist crimes and eliminate the terrorism of the KKK....
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history 202 wk 1 - - Johnson opposed this amendment, but...

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