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Installation and learning guide Diamant guided session # 2 • DmtGS02-1 Ecrin 4.00 © KAPPA Engineering 2005 Doc. V. 4.00.03 • 09-05 Diamant Guided Session #2 A01 • Requirements Diamant has the ability to load automatically DMP2 multiple wells production data sets. The DMP2 format is an ASCII format originating from Dwights Detail Production Export format. The object of this guided session is to illustrate this feature of Diamant and show how production data can be displayed, plotted and manipulated on a well to well and field wide basis. The session uses the files DmtGS02.dp2 and DmtGS02_contour.txt copied during the Diamant installation and located in the Examples subdirectory. It is assumed that the user has already followed and completed the Diamant guided session # 1. B01• Creating a new Diamant project Launch Diamant standalone or through Ecrin workstation and create a new field by clicking on or the file menu “New”. Let’s call the field “DmtGS02” with reference date 01 Jan 1979 and reference coordinates of well A01 in decimal degrees W41.87524 N28.08579. See Fig B01.1. Fig B01.1 – Field properties Click Ok, the browser now shows the added nodes of field “DmtGS02”, “Technical Objects” and the “2D-Map”. Click on the node in the browser to display the default 2D-Map (square reservoir), double click on the contour in the 2D Map to access the “Field contour” dialog.
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