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Week 6B Lecture Notes 11/9/05 Folk Religion -folk aspects of religion (unofficial) -German seminaries coined phrase folk religion in 1800 to let priests know what they might find out side of seminary. Wasn’t considered the proper practiced religion (customs for saints day, holy well for cures, magical behaviors- writing out bible verse and putting it on a soar part of your body) but believed that the peasants would grow out of it once became more educated. -Official (Great Tradition) and Unofficial (Little Tradition) -Great Tradition consists of actual things coming from the bible. Theology. -Little Tradition includes local beliefs and customs such as bed time prayers, cookies and coffee after mass, feast days. -Some churches are considered of folk churches if the priest doesn’t actually have a seminary license, and also when vocal knowledge is the most important. Folk religion : defined by Yoder as the totality of all those views and practices of religion that exists among the people apart from and along side of the official religion. Folk Religious Foodways:
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