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Differential Equations Math 415 • Autumn 2007 TA Instructor: Robert McDougal Office Hours :MW 3:30 - 4:18 Office : Math Tower (MW) 200 Thursday 1:30 - 2:18 Office Phone: 614-292-2045 (x2-2045) and by appointment. Email: [email protected] Grades: Recitation counts for 15% of the course grade, so regular attendance is a must for success. Half of the recitation score comes from weekly homework assignments and half from quizzes. Homework problems for material covered in lecture through Wednesday of the previous week are due every Tuesday at the beginning of recitation. Each homework is scored out of ten points: four for completeness and three each for two problems that I will grade for accuracy. There will be a total of six quizzes: one every Thursday after the first week of classes except for the Thursday following a midterm and the Thursday before finals. LATE HOMEWORK AND MAKEUP QUIZZES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED except in extreme circumstances; contact me as soon as you are aware of any such event. You
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