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PLS 10.31.07 Notes

PLS 10.31.07 Notes - 2 Blue-dog democrats are moderate...

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The Political Spectrum Ideology -a manner or the content of thinking characteristics of an individual, group, or culture. Totalitarianism -a government that controls the total aspects of a person’s life. Communism -a totalitarian government run by the proletariat, or workers. Fascism -a totalitarianism based on race or nationalism. Authoritarianism -Of, relating to, or favoring a concentration of power in a leader or elite not constitutionally responsible to the people. Socialism Libertarianism I. Intrusive scale-how involved the government is A. Totalitarianism B. Authoritarianism C. Democracy D. Anarchy II. Ideological spectrum A. Left (left to right) 1. Communism 2. Socialism 1. Scandinavian countries
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3. Liberalism 1. Left wing democrats are closer to socialism. a. They are yellow-dog democrats who believe in policies such as universal healthcare.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Blue-dog democrats are moderate democrats. B. Right (right to left) 1. Conservatism 1. Rhino republicans are republican-in-name. a. Giuliani b. Schwarzenegger 2. Reactionary 1. A move towards autocratic rule a. Vladimir Putin 3. Fascism III.Liberties A. Negative liberties-liberties to be left alone 1. No restrictions B. Positive liberties-liberties to fulfill peoples’ potentials 1. Need for institutions and infrastructure C. Clockwise 1. Totalitarianism > fascism > authoritarianism > conservatives libertarianism > anarchy >greens >liberalism >som > communism IV. Three types of Third Parties A. Ideological 1. Communist parties 2. Sot parties 3. Libertarian parties B. Personality 1. Ross Perot 2. Jesse Ventura C. Issue-oriented 1. Green party 2. Taxing Freedom party 3....
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PLS 10.31.07 Notes - 2 Blue-dog democrats are moderate...

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