CHM343 Lab Report 6

CHM343 Lab Report 6 - one with the lowest resolution....

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CHM343 Separation Methods CHM343 Lab Report # 6 GC Determination of the Fatty Acid Profile of a Fat or Oil Name: Choon Liang Tan Bronco ID: 007156760 Date: 03.03.08 Class: CHM343L Professor: Dr. Hossein Ahmadzadeh 1
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Abstract: Lipids make up a large extent of biological substances that include fatty acids. These types of compounds are most efficiently separated with Gas Chromatography arranged with a DB-23 column (FID detector and capillary column). The unknown mixture carried 32.27% of Methyl Oleate, 14.98% of Methyl Linoleate and 9.20% of Methyl Linolenate. Discussions: In order to check the reliability and accuracy of the results, we should look at the resolution values of all the peaks and search for the most inaccurate result, which is the
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Unformatted text preview: one with the lowest resolution. Standard values: Rs = tr 2 tr 1 0.5 (w 2 + w 1 ) Rs = 10.651 9.561 = 8.7891 0.5 (0.1287+0.1199) The lowest resolution was achieved by the resolution between Methyl Oleate and Methyl Linoleate, which was 8.79A. This value is an extremely high value for resolution and thus shows that the resolutions we received from the rest of the data peaks were even better and thus even more accurate. This helps evaluate the results by proving that it is has good accuracy. References: 1. Principles of Instrumental Analysis 6 th Edition: Skoog; Holler; Crouch ISBN: 0495012017 2. Laboratory Manual Instrumental Analysis Department of Chemistry: Scott, Gutnikov, Bet-Pera 2...
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CHM343 Lab Report 6 - one with the lowest resolution....

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