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WELCOME TO STUDENTS OF PHYSICS 113 SPRING 2008 THIS SHEET CONTAINS INFORMATION ABOUT PHYSICS 113. READ IT TODAY, CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY, AS ONE PART OF YOUR CLASS ASSIGNMENT. The Physics 111, 112, 113 sequence is a general physics course serving a broad spectrum of students, including biomed students, students in the School of Architecture, in agricultural science, education, etc. Physics 111, 112, 113 are each five credit-hour courses. The following is the statement from the University about GEC Physical Science courses. A Physics 111 is a Physical Science course in the Natural Science category of the GEC. The goals and objectives for this category are: Goals/Rationale : Courses in natural sciences foster an understanding of the principles, theories and methods of modern science, the relationship between science and technology, and the effects of science and technology on the environment. Learning Objectives : 1. Students understand the basic facts, principles, theories and methods of modern science. 2. Students learn key events in the history of science. 3. Students provide examples of the inter-dependence of scientific and technological developments. 4. Students discuss social and philosophical implications of scientific discoveries and understand the potential of science and technology to address problems of the contemporary world. @ COURSE PREREQUISITE Physics 113 Physics 112 Students in Physics 113 are expected to be familiar with the exponential and logarithmic functions. Appendices A, B, C, & E of the textbook contain a review of the mathematics used in this course. Course Home Page: http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/ and click on A Courses @ and then on A Physics 113". REQUIRED MATERIALS 1. WebAssign-Plus Access Card and Testbook The WebAssign-Plus access card is required for submitting homework in Physics 113. th ed. The only WebAssign Access Card that WebAssign will accept for submitting Cutnell & Johnson homework is the WEBASSIGN-PLUS card. It provides access to the electronic version of the textbook. If you bought the Physics 112 valuepak in AU07 or WI08, it contained two WebAssign- Plus access cards; use the second one for Physics 113 this quarter. Otherwise, purchase the WebAssign-Plus Access Card w2ith access to the electronic version of the textbook from he local bookstores or from https://www.webassign.net/osu/student.html
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When it offers you the option to purchase the card, click on WebAssign-Plus for Cutnell & Johnson, 7e. It costs $22 and is valid only until the end of the quarter in which the access card is first u sed. Lab Manual: Worksheets for Physics 113 Laboratory, 14 th edition (2008). Available in local bookstores. You must buy a new copy of the laboratory manual as it contains worksheets for you
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