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Unformatted text preview: Physics 835: Problem Set 4: Parts I and II Due Wednesday, February 9 by 5PM All problems worth 10 pts. unless otherwise stated. 1. Jackson, Problem (7.12). Note that the sentence beginning \Note that" merely asks you to note something, not to do anything. 2. Jackson, Problem 8.5(a). 3. (a). Consider a TM mode in a rectangular waveguide. Given Ez for this mode (as given in the footnote on page 362), nd Ex , Ey , Hx, and Hy by suitable manipulation of the Maxwell equations. (b). If you look at the form of Hz given in eq. (8.42) for a TE mode in a rectangular waveguide, it may seem as if there is a mode with m = n = 0. Why is there no such mode? 4. Jackson, Problem 8.2, parts (a) and (c). 5. Jackson, Problem 8.6. THIS PROBLEM MAY BE POSTPONED TILL THE FOLLOWING WEEK. In part (a), omit the plots. Rather than doing part (b), just nd the lowest resonant frequency for a cavity of these dimensions with perfectly conducting walls. Is this a TE or TM mode? 1 ...
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