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hw1 - Homework 1 19 points total Problems from Howell Ch 8...

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Homework 1 19 points total Problems from Howell : Ch 8: 12, 16, 18 (1 point each) Problems from Williams (Introstats.net): Ch 4: 14; Ch 5: 7, 10, 13; Ch 6: 7 (2 points each) Dr. Smith thinks that listening to Barry Manilow music while studying will affect students’ performance on the Graduate Record Examinations but does not know whether the listening will distract students making their studying less effective, or if it will improve studying by acting as ‘white noise’, blocking out other distracting sounds. The GRE has the following statistical properties: μ = 500 and σ = 100. Using a sample of 25 students who listened to Barry Manilow while preparing for the GRE, Dr. Smith found
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