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Homework 7 14 points You can use SPSS or the calculation tool on IntroStats to obtain any information (mean, SD, etc.) you may need. However, please attach any output you obtain from SPSS or write down any values you calculate from IntroStats to get full credit. Problems from Howell : Ch 16: 2, 3 (2 points each) Problems from Williams (Introstats.net): Ch 10: 2, 6 (2 points each) 1. There is evidence that smiling can attenuate judgments of possible wrongdoing. This phenomenon termed the "smile-leniency effect" was the focus of a study by Marianne LaFrance & Marvin Hecht in 1995. Participants were asked how likely they would be to
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Unformatted text preview: hire a man for a particular job. They were then shown his resume and a picture of the man with one of four types of smiles: false smile, natural smile, miserable smile, or neutral control. What are the null and alternative hypotheses? (1 point) Complete the ANOVA table (2 point) SS df MS F Between 20 _____ _____ _____ Within 300 Total _____ 135 What is the critical value of F for 05 . = α ? (1 point) Does type of smile affect people’s likelihood of hiring this man? (1 point) How many subjects are in the study? Assuming there are equal numbers of subjects per condition, how many were in each group? (1 point)...
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