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hw8 - levels You randomly assign 6 volunteers to each of...

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Homework 8 14 points You can use SPSS or the calculation tool on IntroStats to obtain any information (mean, SD, etc.) you may need. However, please attach any output you obtain from SPSS or write down any values you calculate from IntroStats to get full credit. Problems from Howell : Ch 16: 16; Ch 18: 1, 2 (2 points each) Problems from Williams (Introstats.net): Ch 10: 9, 10 (2 points each) 1. Imagine you wish to compare the effectiveness of a low-fat diet against the same diet combined with a daily walk of 4 miles or a daily run of 4 miles in reducing cholesterol
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Unformatted text preview: levels. You randomly assign 6 volunteers to each of three groups. The scores below indicate reduction in cholesterol levels after two months. Low-Fat Diet Low-Fat Diet Low-Fat Diet and Daily Walk and Daily Run 19 14 9 15 16 12 22 13 10 18 12 8 16 14 12 14 10 9 a. Conduct an ANOVA to determine whether any of these treatments was more effective than the others in reducing cholesterol. Use alpha = .05. (3 points) b. Conduct a Tukey HSD test on these data if this test is warranted. (1 point)...
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