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EWS 451 syllabus - Amiri Baraka “Afrikan...

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This is per our discussion in EWS 451 today, eo Revised Outline EWS 451 11/1/07 Note following changes: 1. essay due on 11/8 now due on 11/27 2. flip Benedita da Silva and Fernandez readings. 3. Short Assignment due on 11/13—to be distributed next week. 4. No short essay #3 due on 11/20/ Week 7 11/6 Music, Culture and Transnational Identities Read: Fernandez, chaps, 1-2. 11/8 Music and National Identity Read: Fernandez, chaps, 3-4 Week 8 11/13 From African Rhythms to Latin Jazz Guest Speaker: Dr. Raúl Fernández (UCI) Class meets in Bronco Student Center-Ursa Major. Read: Fernandez, complete. Movie: Sworn to the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella Due: Short assignment #2 on Fernandez. 11/15 Cuba, Third World Revolution and African Americans Read:
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Unformatted text preview: Amiri Baraka, “Afrikan Revolution,â€& (1973), Nancy Morejón, “An Oakland Apple Tree,â€& “Silent Lullaby for South African Children,â€D “I Love My Master,‱ “Black Women.; begin Benedita da Silva. Week 9 11/20 Race and Social Movements Read: Benedita da Silva, complete. Film: Africa Mia Due: Short Essay #3. 11/22 No Class Week 10 11/27 Afro-Latinos in the U.S. Read: TBA. Due: Essay #2 11/29 African Americans and Latinos/as Coalition Building Read: Roberto Lovato, “The Smog of Race War in Los Angeles,â€X The Nation (April 2, 2007); TBA. Final 12/6 Confronting the Past for Social Justice Today 9:10-11:10 Due: Final Papers and Research Presentations...
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EWS 451 syllabus - Amiri Baraka “Afrikan...

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