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Creativity & American Culture Fall 2007 FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET Key points to your success on this final exam (or in many other college exams): 1. Your assigned readings/audio/videos are an essential part of the class but don’t spend hours pouring over every detail in them again. If you viewed/listened/read them once before, you should be ok with briefly reviewing them. Make sure you understand major concepts and can apply them to new situations. 2. Remember that I’m more concerned with your ability to apply what you’ve learned rather than how well you can memorize details. 3. In that sense, every semester I encounter a small number of students who have all the intelligence (knowledge) to succeed in this test yet they haven’t practiced their intellect as much (ability to apply that knowledge), which might affects how well they do on the test. 4. A number of questions might be based on short stories that offer a context for applying your knowledge. 5. When going over the slides or central topics in your notes/readings/audio/videos , ask yourself: a. What is important for me to know about this concept? (list 2-5 things) b. Can I come up with examples of this concept? c. Can I (/how can I) apply it elsewhere? (outside of the context of which it was presented) 6. Each class lecture, topic, viewing, reading might have 1-3 questions. Think like your professors. What questions can he/she ask about each topic/concept? List as many questions as you can and then answer them. 7. Students who’ve done well in this class reported that the best way for them to study was to
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  • Teresa Amabile Ronald Barthes Charles S. Pierce Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi E. Paul Torrance Graham Wallas Richard Florida Howard Gardner Malcolm Gladwell, creativity Domain-relevant knowledge, creativity Linear vs, creativity Torrance Tests

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FinalReviewSheet - Creativity American Culture Fall 2007...

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