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jain_chap1_Summer08 - Welcome MAE 94 Summer 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Welcome..... MAE 94, Summer 2008 Computer-aided Design and Drafting Instructor: Sanjeev Jain, PhD, MBA Experience: PhD UCLA 1991 (CAD/CAM, manufacturing) Taught Design Courses UCLA 1991-92 6.5 years with UTRC CAD/CAM, ProEngineer, Unigraphics ~4 years with i2 3 years with Siemens With LRN, a Westwood firm, for 2.5 years I. Introduction CAD - a tool to produce Engineering Drawings CAD - a communication tool CAD - a language CAD a productivity tool >> time-to-market Accurate, practical, complete, deterministic representation of an existing, improved, or a newly conceived product More important today than, say, 20 years ago Value chain: marketing, design, manufacturing, QC, sales, shipping, customer Fully Integrated Company: all or most value chain Core Competencies in-house, Rest outsource Examples: Nike, Dell Introduction (contd.) 1.1. About CAD CAD: in a narrow sense Computer-Aided Drafting (drafting, drawing, geometry animation, esthetics, etc.) CAD: in a broad sense Computer-Aided Design ( In addition, also including engineering, analysis, manufacturing, simulation, marketing, etc.) CADD: Computer-Aided Design and Drafting How CAD sits in the Big Picture.. Value Chain from Blue Print to Finished Part CIM CAE/ FE Analysis Cutter Path Verifi ProtoType Mfg Inspection Sketch/ Blue Print CAD Model CAM NC Code Customer Acceptance Customer Inspection/ Testing/ Validation Customs &Receipt Pkg. & Shipping Met. Testing CAD progression... 1.3. Design Representation Freehand Sketches to Illustrate Problem Freehand Sketches of Preliminary Concepts Develop Preliminary CAD Models Create CAD Model of Best Solution Create Working Drawings and/or Other Documentation Perspective CAD Wireframe Brunelleschi's Church of Santo Spirito Ambiguous Wireframe (CAD also has Problems) Parallel Projection (3-D object > 2-D Plane) Technical Drawing Sketch... CAD... Part 1.4. Freehand Sketching Techniques These grid patterns are used in common freehand sketch practice Sketching Construction and Visible Lines Sketching Circles and Arcs Diameter Diameter 2/3 of center distance Schedule Jun 25: First Lab Jun 27: Syllabus, HWk1 & 2 assigned Jul 07: Lecture in Lab class (subject to confirmation), HWk1 due, Individual Project Assigned Jul 11: HWk2 due, HWk3 Assigned, Individual Project Selected Jul 18: Hwk 3 due, Hwk4 assigned, material review Jul 21: Mid-term (in lab class, timed for 2 hrs) Jul 25: HWk4 due Aug 01: HWk5 due Aug 08: HWk 6 due Aug 13: Final Exam (in lab class, timed for 2 hrs) Aug 15: Project due (in class, 4-minute individual presentations) ...
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