ITP101 - Introduction to Information Technology ITP 101x (4...

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Introduction to Information Technology ITP 101x (4 Units) Objective Introduction to computer hardware, operating systems, networks, programming. Survey of application software in business and industry. Computer issues in the work place and society. Concepts Increasing computer literacy through awareness, knowledge, and interaction. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer hardware, software, and networking. In addition, they will learn about current trends related to information technology, such as growth of the Internet, E-commerce, and wireless communication. Students will also gain insight into security and ethical issues related to information exchange. Through the use of lecture, hands-on labs, and perusal of current technology news, students will become aware of the impact of technology on everyday life. Prerequisite None Lecture 3 hrs/week Lab 2 hrs/week Required Textbooks Computers in Your Future - 4th Edition, by Pfaffenberger. Publisher: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-089815-5 ITP 101 Lab Schedule and Projects Optional Textbooks Projects for Word 2000, by Johnson. Publisher: Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-45896-9 Projects for Power Point 2000, by Toliver. Publisher: Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-45902-7 New Perspectives on Excel 2000 (Comprehensive Edition) by Parsons. Publisher: Course Technology. ISBN: 0-7600-7087-3 New Perspectives on Access 2000 by Adamski. Publisher: Course Technology. ISBN: 0-7600-7089-x New Perspectives on Windows 2000 - Introductory by Parsons, Oja, and Carey. Publisher: Course Technology. ISBN: 0-7600-7093-8 Grading The following point-structure will be used in determining the grade for the course. Final grade will be based upon the total points received, the highest total in the class, and the average of the class. Projects 100 Midterm I 100
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Midterm II 100 Final Exam 100 Total 400 Policies - Make-up policy for exams: In order to make up for a missed exam, the student must provide a satisfactory reason along with proper documentation. Usually make-ups are allowed only under extraordinary circumstances. - Projects: It is YOUR responsibility to turn in your lab projects on, or before, the deadlines as set by the instructor. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LAB TA! -
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ITP101 - Introduction to Information Technology ITP 101x (4...

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